And as was to be expected at La Veguilla, we could not miss the opportunity to use fermented grapes to make something as tasty as marc distillates on lees from our Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero.

Pacharán pa’Charlar

Made from a distillate of our Tempranillo grapes in Ribera del Duero, on which we incorporate a maceration of aniseed grain, and we sublimate again, this time with a rectifying lentil, obtaining an aniseed-flavoured eau-de-vie with a high alcohol content on which we macerate ripe sloe berries for six months, obtaining an extraction of aromas and flavours during this time.

Pacharán pa’Charlar

20,00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Available in a 50 cl bottle, boxed. Music album CD gift Latin interpreted by the group “Candela y the rest” that includes the topic Pacharán pa’charlar “no pacharán”

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Gotas Santas

Gotas Santas was born under divine inspiration and after many tests with alquitars and other pot stills. And it is born elegant and subtle after a double distillation through an alembic with a rectifying lentil, and later a new sublimation with a vapour column.

With this double process we achieve a perfect entrainment of the organoleptic qualities of the grape skins, which give Gotas Santas intense floral aromas, fragrant, with elegant hints of grape… And an explosive and powerful palate, long, unctuous, with balsamic notes and hints of hazelnut, walnut and almond, assembled with touches of green apple and even grapefruit. In the glass the Gotas Santas is crystalline and transparent, and shows an abundant tear caused by glycerol and other higher alcohols.

“Balsam of Fierabrás, highly recommended for cold foggy days, to be taken alone or accompanied; ideal for after-dinner conversations on rainy days, or sunny, cold winter days.
As considerations of moderate interest, it should be noted that in family gatherings it should be administered under control to brothers-in-law and intellectuals, as it can provoke serious displays of exaltation of friendship and appearances of fixing the country”.

Gotas Santas (spirit drink)

16,00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Tempranillo grape marc distillate liqueur, 50 cl (individually cased bottle). Alcohol: 38% Vol. Contains sulfites.

Maiquel Jackson
(white coffee brandy)

Maiquel Jackson defines itself as a flavoursome nectar produced by double distillation with coffee maceration in the middle of the production process.

With the skins of our grapes from the Ribera del Duero, we make a white, crystalline eau-de-vie with a broad floral aroma in a still with a rectifying lentil. We leave it to macerate for 30 days with three varieties of coffee beans, cocoa, cinnamon sticks and lemon peel. Once the colour and aromas of a coffee spirit have been extracted (dark mahogany, black walnut, chocolate and roasted aromas), it is distilled again, this time using a steam column, obtaining elegantly fine and very aromatic spirits, with an aftertaste of roasted coffee, toasted coffee and cocoa. A real coffee liqueur, but visually transparent white.

Maiquel Jackson (white coffee brandy)

20,00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Tempranillo grape marc distillate liqueur, 50 cl (individually cased bottle). Alcohol: 38% Vol. Contains sulfites

Lágrimas del Beato Niño Incombusto de La Pernía

Spirit made from Tempranillo grapes, distilled over wine lees in a still equipped with a rectifying lentil and steam column, aged for five years in French oak casks. No racking. Filtered by hand.

Colour: old gold with slight yellow and bright touches. Glyceric. Dense.

Aroma: candied fruit, honeyed notes, toasted caramel. Roasted notes of new wood, dried fruits and wilted flowers, damp spices.

Palate: spicy, long, unctuous, expressive, very powerful and with a slight aftertaste of pastry. Balanced, very spirity and balsamic.

Lágrimas del Beato Niño Incombusto de La Pernía

23,00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Aguardiente de uva variedad tempranillo, destilada sobre lías de vino con alambique provisto de lentilla de rectificación y columna de vapor, envejecido cinco años en barrica de roble francés. Sin trasiegos. filtrado artesanal. Color: oro viejo con leves toques amarillos y brillantes. Glicérico. Denso. Aroma: fruta escarchada, notas amieladas, caramelo tostado. Torrefactos propios de la…

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Gotas Santas

Maiquel Jackson

Lágrimas del Beato Niño Incombusto de La Pernía

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