Maiquel Jackson (white coffee brandy)

20.00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Tempranillo grape marc distillate liqueur, 50 cl (individually cased bottle)

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In sight it is transparent and glyceric, with subtle mahogany tones in volume. On the nose it is very balsamic, with light floral touches, accompanied by powerful roasted coffee and chocolate. Broad roasts. Spicy. In the mouth it is structured, balanced, powerful aftertaste of roasted coffee and roasted. Pleasant sensation of volume in the mouth. To enjoy it to the fullest, we suggest that it let it oxygenate for at least 20 minutes and serve it in a balloon glass or tulip, or wide glass, to appreciate all the aromatic registers. It is recommended to store in a dark place, horizontal position and at a temperature of 16 ºC. Alcohol: 38% vol. Transparent bottle of 50 cl, with natural cork and boxed in a cardboard box.

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