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The “LaVeguilla Experience”, a total immersion in the Ribera del Duero wine culture

We are a family winery that has been linked to the world of wine for generations. We live from wine and for wine, so visiting us is a total immersion in the wine culture of Ribera del Duero. We make red wines from the queen grape of our region, Tempranillo… but we admire it so much that we also decided to make a vermouth -Señorito Español-, a wine jelly and an eau-de-vie that we call Gotas Santas (Holy Drops). In addition, recovering the traditions linked to the viticulture of the river, we grow walnut and almond trees, whose fruit we also sell, and a fragrant honey that is the perfect excuse to give shelter to a friendly community of bees in the beehives that we place in remote parts of the estate.

The riverside immersion we offer is FREE and, yes, the legend is true, we are one of the few wineries that are OPEN EVERY DAY, even on public holidays, from 10am to 3pm. NO RESERVATION is necessary, unless you are a large group.

The pace of the VISIT is set by life itself, but we usually taste two or three wines, and/or the Señorito Español vermouth, and/or one of the Tempranillo brandies, which we sometimes accompany with the house nuts.

We are in a privileged enclave in the Ribera del Duero, in the heart of the Golden Mile, where some of the most emblematic wines in the world are produced: at the foot of the road linking Quintanilla de Onésimo with Olivares de Duero, and just a few metres from the stone bridge built by the Catholic Monarchs. It will take you no more than half an hour if you are coming from Valladolid, capital of the only Spanish province with five wine designations of origin and a succulent gastronomic tradition. Or twenty minutes if you arrive from Peñafiel, home to the Wine Museum, located in a medieval castle that we suggest you include in your wine tourism route.

Visit us, we are Ribera del Duero in its purest form!

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