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We produce both wines of great longevity and young wines, always seeking the maximum quality, combining traditional know-how with our experience and the most appropriate technology, so that our wines reflect a unique personality.

Under this philosophy we produce two collections of wines: LaVeguilla and Cepa_Alta. And our passion for wine has also led us to create a jelly from one of our reserves that multiplies the taste possibilities of wine, as well as other products such as vermouth and spirits.


The LaVeguilla wine collection, which includes seven different wines (Expresión, Roble, 10 meses en barrica, Crianza, Reserva, Selección, Autor), comes from our own grapes, pampered from the vine to transmit their singular personality and make uncorking our wine an unforgettable experience. We use only French oak casks, from various cooperages, which add an elegance that distinguishes our wines. The French oak pore is finer than the American oak, and transfers its properties more gradually and in a more balanced form, contributing honey, vanilla and spice aromas, among others.


The Cepa_Alta wine is a faithful reflection of the quality of our grapes and the experience gained throughout over three decades of know-how in the production and aging of wines from Ribera del Duero. These are single varietal wines produced on our own property from the Tempranillo (or Tinta Fina) grape chosen from our best vines. For its aging, we use American oak casks, of a larger, harder and more impermeable pore than French oak, which lends the wines an inviting range of aromas.

We produce three wines under this label: a Joven, a Roble aged for 6 months and a Crianza that spends more than 14 months in American casks. They are noble, expressive wines, with the vitality and elegance of our indigenous varietal: they are modern wines, the true expression of their origin and the contribution of the youngest generation at the winery.

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