Gotas Santas (spirit drink)

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Tempranillo grape marc distillate liqueur, 50 cl (individually cased bottle).

Alcohol: 38% Vol.

Contains sulfites.


Gotas Santas is the first double distillate that we incorporate into our way of looking at life in LaVeguilla, maximum exponent of a clean and crystalline brandy made in our alembic with a steam column and rectification lens, with the pressed skins of our riverside grapes from the Duero.
To the eye it is transparent, crystalline, with glyceric notes in the form of tears, very powerful.
On the nose it displays notes of wild herbs, flowers -violets-, candied fruit, apples and notes of grapefruit.
The palate is structured, broad and balanced, fatty, with hints of honey. Balsamic finish.
To enjoy it to the fullest we recommend serving at a temperature of 18 ºC, in a balloon glass or tulip, or wide glass, which will allow you to appreciate all the aromatic registers.

Alcohol: 38th vol
Transparent bottle of 50 cl, with natural cork and boxed in a cardboard box
It is recommended to store in a dark place, horizontal position and at a temperature of 16 ºC

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