Walnuts (three boxes)

20.00  IVA y transporte incluidos (en la Península)

Three boxes of 290 g of walnuts without shells. Vacuum packed From nogales of our farm.


LaVeguilla nuts are obtained from trees located on our farm. These nuts come from 35 walnuts from our plantation in Valle Esgueva, where three beautiful specimens that our grandparents planted and that today are surrounded by vineyards stand out.

It is an exquisite fruit, very tasty and aromatic, worthy of the best pantries. The whole process is done by hand to obtain a 100% natural product.

Tips: keep in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight and heat. We recommend that, once the container is opened, store the product in an airtight container.

Allergen information: nuts can cause allergic reactions due to food intolerance.

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